Tamara Gabriel

Singer – Songwriter

The Gift


When you live in such a fast-paced world, not having slept enough, you may not be getting enough oxygen into your brain. Your mind races with thoughts that take your consciousness away from the present moment. When you release those thoughts away and focus on the now and your breathing, you feel more relaxed and at peace. The toxins that build up everyday decrease because you increase oxygen flow and circulation in your body. You are making yourself healthier, mind, body, and soul, just by breathing. It is absolutely important that we all take just 10 minutes every day to consciously breath, meditate or just stop everything, sit quietly, zone out and relax for 10 minutes, you may find that you sleep better, dream differently and perceive things in a new way. It’s good for you, it’ll instantly benefit you with a clear and focused mind, increase energy and vitality, decrease mind chatter, increase endorphins (the body’s natural happy chemical), relax your muscles, eliminate toxins and increase oxygen and blood flow.

Start focusing on your breathing.

Sit down, take a conscious deep breath in through your nose keeping your mouth closed, feel the air rushing in and filling your abdomen, breath into the count of seven with pauses in between…hold for the count of five with pauses…then breath out to the count of seven with pauses. Repeat this 10 times.

Now just relax and clear your mind, when thoughts enter your mind, let them go and float away without attachment. Just be, breath, focus on your breathing if you have to or on nothing if you can. Relax your feet, toes, legs, abdomen, fingers, arms, and shoulders, then move on to relax your neck, face, mouth, eyes, forehead, and scalp. Feel everything relaxing. Continue to breathe deeply, slowly breath in, slowly breath out. You are totally relaxed. You are totally calm. You are totally at peace.

Now you can move into your day totally relaxed. Enjoy connecting today with family, friends, colleagues, the universe, and everything in it, in a totally relaxed and calm way.

Please share this exercise with others. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones and to be kind to one another….all we need is love! God bless.

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